Sunday, January 11, 2015

Committed (to the Run)

by Ximena Kriete

I run in the morning and I run at night. I run when it rains, snows, sleets, or hails. I run when it’s cold or when it’s hot. I run when I’m sick or when I’m injured. I run when I feel great and when I don’t feel like running. I JUST RUN!

Why do I run? I run because I can! I run because before I moved to Missouri from sunny Florida, I never imagined I would ever be able to run. I used to absolutely despise the idea of running. I was “one of those people” who thought running was stupid and did not understand why anyone would ever want to do it voluntarily.

So, after moving here and leaving the only place I've ever really known, married, with my three beautiful children, in support of a promotion for my husband that we simply couldn't pass up, I had to find something to make my own. When we moved here, we were moving back to where my husband had grown up. I felt that I needed to find some friends, and I knew a few people who ran because I worked at the Y. I signed up for a 5K in secret (in case I backed out) and walk/trotted the whole thing. I ran it in 40+ minutes wearing my husband’s over-sized jacket and in weather conditions that kept most everyone at home. I showed up, I crossed the finish line, and I won 1st place in my age group!

THAT race changed my life. THAT race helped me to see running in a different way. THAT race helped me mold friendships I still have today.

And still after two Goofy Challenges (back-to-back runs of a half marathon on Saturday, and full marathon Sunday), 10+ Half Marathons, 20+ 5Ks, I still have a hard time calling myself a “runner”. However, I truly stand by the message that if you run, you are a runner; and that a 6 minute mile or a 15 minute mile is STILL a mile.  But it’s difficult for “me” to believe that about myself, when I see so many others I consider “runners”. I’m just a mom, who needed an outlet in order to make a life in WashMO and so I started running. So every chance I get, I run! If someone needs me to run at 3am, I run! If someone needs to run at 10pm, I run, if someone needs to run after I have already ran, I run! If someone is training for a marathon and needs a buddy to run with, even if I am not training, I run! 

I am committed to the run. I am committed to my run or your run, or your friend’s run.

It’s not a resolution I make at the beginning of each year, or a goal I set for myself. It’s part of my lifestyle.

Just a mom…committed to running… until I can’t run anymore!

Want to get to know Ximena a little better? Check out her Runfie Questions!

  • Where is your favorite place to run? Hwy 100. I like to be dropped off at BK at 44 and make my way back towards Washington, running one way my favorite.
  • What is the "strangest" (to you) track you listen to while running? Hmm. I listen to According to You by Orianthi first song every time. Followed by Bangarang by Skrillex as my FAST song! 
  • What are your favorite running shoes, and how many pair of shoes do you have? My favorite shoes to run in are Brooks Adrenaline GTS. ( right now the 14's series) I usually buy 4 -5 pairs a year. Get rid of older shoes most times. Always buy the new series, but the 15's did not feel good so stuck with 14's and have 2 new colors I did not have in that series before. Always looking to see if newer colors come out. Wish I could run in something else but always seem to get injured, heck I usually get injured even when run in right shoe.

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  1. You are an inspiration, Ximena! I LOVE your passion, and respect your advice. Thanks for being you!